2012 San Diego Open Racquetball Championships

Well, it’s time again for the 2012 San Diego Open Racquetball Championships on February 23rd – 26th. This event started many years ago when Brent Avery decided to bring Professional Racquetball back to San Diego, and we haven’t looked back.

The 2012 San Diego Open will be a Tier-1 event, so all of the best Racquetball players will be showcasing their amazing talents. Not only is this is a unique opportunity to watch the best players on the planet up close, but it’s a chance to play right along side of them. We offer divisions for every level!

The San Diego Open is known as one of most fun Racquetball tournament on the IRT schedule because of its great competition and incredible hospitality.

All IRT match seating will be free of charge until the quarter finals. If you’re interested in entering, watching the pros, or being a sponsor of this prestigious event, please email me at Aaron@PlayRball.com or call 619-339-9979.

To enter or for more information go to www.sd-open.com.

Lastly, I would like to thank the San Diego Racquetball community for their amazing support.

And a special thank you to Pacific Sports Warehouse!!!

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